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Workshop skins

A topic by Commentatron created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 177 Replies: 3
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You know... the game is on steam so... you could reskin robots (maybe some have hats!) reskin your player (randomly get accessories on your human!) weapon reskins (the bow becomes a gun but functions the same!)  there could also be skin packs (a human maybe starts like a soldier with a laser sword and all the robots have soldier and army skins!) I could see someone making the robots knights or googly eyes for the bots or something like that. Tell me what you think about this down below, puny humans... Also I think that it should be addable to all robots, should be cuttable (cut his hat in two!) and would happen randomly (lets say you got a starwars mod and a mod for hats, If your human spawns as a jedi or sith (depends on the creator) then there are stormtroopers and such, but if you get a normal human or one with a hat, then the robots can randomly have hats (like a round with two mark 1 bow robots and three mark 2 sword robots and one bow robot and sword robot get a hat) DO YOU GET IT?)




exactly. Even fire mustaches could happen