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Game Update #62 + (Menu short-cuts video)

A topic by Ashore created Jul 17, 2017 Views: 162 Replies: 7
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Love the new inventory handling and the game.  Started playing in update #60, after watching GameEdge play it and it really looked fun. It has improved quite a bit in just 3 updates which says a lot about the Devs.  Keep up the good work.


Very glad you're enjoying the game, thank you for the feedback and support!


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Yup, GameEdged.

This update is most excellent.  Love all of it.  Mostly love the GUI updates and the inventory mgmt.  I also love the lighting from the furnace.  So nice!


PS -- oh, eating from inventory!! yes!!


Turns out the fire-pit and furnaces already had light but disabled (I believe I did that long time ago to save on performance lol).

Thanks for suggesting that idea!

Glad you think so!!


Excellent.  They look great.  Makes it more realistic to emit light.  Doesn't matter if it's not flickering like the flames.  Performance is important.  Do whatever you need to do to keep the engine happy.  ;)


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My game is not updating, how do i update it? I have the itch app, I thought the updates were automatic?


Hi, it should automatically update.

Another way: Please check step 3 in this link: