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pixel art character maker maker · By 0x72

Example Config Sticky

A topic by 0x72 created 79 days ago Views: 185 Replies: 5
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pdmm config is just a png file so it's easy to share and modify!

Here's the example config (the same that is available from the app)

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Hey you're amazing, especially since this is all open source. Sorry to be stupid but I don't have much experience with JSON. You mention the png is encoded, but how do I go about editing it? I don't want to mess up the encoding but also don't really understand how what I add to the png will be read anyway

Great point. I need to fix that up and provide way to import/export image alone, config (as json), both of them fused for easy sharing in comments.

I'll be working on this next week.

Thank you!

well I just don't understand how to modify it in a way that will still be loaded. Like can I just cover up your images, or does the JSON encoding at the top have to also change?

but thanks for beginning to work on it!!

The json part (easily distinguishable grey part at the top) only encodes the configuration part; so yeah, you can change/replace without changing the json part.

Let me get back to you later today or tomorrow.

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Ok, just uploaded version 0.0.2. 

Now you export and import those components separately so you don't need to worry about that anymore.

Let me work how does it work for you!