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Direction of development funded by crowdfunding like style

A topic by ijet created Jul 16, 2017 Views: 154 Replies: 1
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When creating a game, a book, a comic book, or a set of textures, 3D models, sounds, anything, I would like to let people (interested in my project) influence it.

I have few suggestions:

If status of the project is "Prototype"

  • Give an opportunity to enable crowdfunding (simplified kickstarter). As I see it on the main page:
  • As in other similar projects: keeping money until the end of the timer, if the minimum amount of money is not collected, then the collected money is returned. If the collected money has reached minimum goal - do not stop the campaign, to achieve the next goal.

If the project has statuses, like: Released, In development

  • Give an opportunity to enable crowdfunding of possible features or ideas (basically improve project in the way community wants it). As I see it on the main page:
  • In this case, money is not held, there is no end time, and it is impossible to exceed the assigned amount of money.
It would be nice to add a multi-choice poll and a simple visualization of the statistics
  • Like that:


The possibility of searching in the community forum will not hurt.


Thanks for the ideas. I think the next thing for us related to this is adding a way to create polls on community posts. They could be used in all kinds of places like feature requests and game jam theme voting.