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Prizes??? Too, Too, Too LONG!

A topic by MinisterJay created Jul 15, 2017 Views: 123 Replies: 2
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What are the prizes?  The Game Jam that RPG Biz is hosting next week has over $100 in prizes.   Four weeks is actually too long.  The productive game making contest do not last longer than two weeks.


I changed it back to two weeks, and I'll be honest there isn't really a prize but the main point is it's a nice little "contest" for experience, or the fun of it.  Some people don't have motivation to just make a game randomly, so they need that little nudge that is a "deadline". But I understand everything you're saying. Maybe I just don't know cause I come from different communities, haha. Most people I know don't care for prizes.


I entered a game making contest, once, that had no prizes and had a month deadline.  Unfortunately, I was the only contestant.  Near the beginning of previous mentioned contest, there was another game making contest, on the same forum, that had a few small monetary prizes, and forum badges.  It had a two weeks deadline and had six contestants. 

I appreciate you answering.   We may indeed be from different cultures, and that is nice.  Everybody thinking the same would be boring and not intellectually stimulating.