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Creating a bug report Sticky Locked

A topic by Partysofa created Jul 14, 2017 Views: 132
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  1. Look at the Bug Tracker to see if the error has already been reported and is in progress. 
  2. Try to provide a screenshot or a thorough description of the surrounding area/map.
  3. Try to reproduce the problem. If you are able to. Provide clear steps to how the error occurs.
  4. If the game shows an error log, try to get a screenshot of that as well, as it will help immensely in tracking down the error.
  5. Include what version of the game you are using.

Taking a screenshot
Press Print Scrn on your keyboard and paste it into Paint or another image editing software and save it. Upload to an image hosting site, and provide the link in your report.

Using Google Forms to report an error
If you don't want to report a bug on the forums, you can also use this form to send a report, which is checked daily for new submissions.

Thanks for your help in making Tales a little less buggy :)