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New Icon For 2.7.1 Is Ugly

A topic by pioneer89 created 56 days ago Views: 3,244 Replies: 21
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The new icon for version 2.7.1 is just HaxeFlixel's brand icon. I thought it was supposed to be BF. I changed my shortcut icon back to the GF. Please fix this so we can have BF shortcut icon!!!! 

that would be cool

how did you change it pls help!!

Yea I have a mod for a singer with 3 new songs in it and I'm trying to change the icon for it so it looks cooler in my task bar but I can't figure it out (also here's the mod if you wanna play it for yourself

If you have a shortcut on your desktop, right click it and then click on Properties. Then, tap on Change Icon. If you don't see the GF icon when the tab pops up, go browse for your old version of FNF. If you click on that file you should be able to find the GF icon and use it to replace the new one. Hope this helps!!

I did that, but it didn't change at all.


should be an .ico file like how it is in the main game files of Friday Night Funkin'.

Turns out you need to make your desktop icons bigger to see the logo with the boyfriend.


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hoy to active pause alt?

I'm not sure what you're trying to ask

im pretty sure thats the unused pause bruh

its not, its a really rare death screen

How do i do this on mac?

I dont know pal, I play on Windows. Sorry :(

thats ok, thanks

i made an icon for it
its just you gotta use a good png to ico converter