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[Bug/Report] i can't play the Portia , All white

A topic by rudeyz created Jul 13, 2017 Views: 272 Replies: 4
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how to fix this ?

Windows 7 64-bit , Ram 12g


Hmm, first time seeing this. Is the game running on your GPU and not your integrated one? Does this happen every time? If so, can you send the output.txt log found in the game folder to Thanks.

Answering your question 

Email Send :)

and Yes its happend evertime and until now i still cant try / join game complete white screen even i wait to 1 hour still white 

If you like you can use my computer use Teamview

still no answer ? help me please


I don't think we received your email, I rechecked and can't find any with your issues. Can you resend? Thanks.