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FROSTBITE - (a short survival-horror game)

A topic by olinkalex created Jul 13, 2017 Views: 166
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Beware of the horrors below the ice. In the shoes of the last remaining member of a secret research team, you awaken to a bitter cold and discover the dead bodies of your friends. Will you be able to solve the mystery, or will you meet the same frigid fate as them?

This is a short survival-horror game, inspired by games like Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason, Silent Hill, Resident Evil (specifically RE7), and Alpha Polaris.

  • This game contains NO Jump-scares of any kind, rather it focus on atmosphere and trying to survive a freezing cold environment.
  • The game plays in the first-person perspective, but it fallows gameplay similar to old-school survival games, such as a limited inventory, exploration, health drinks, key findings, etc.
  • One of the games main mechanics is the "Body Temp System". Throughout the game your body temperature slowly decreases. The colder the area you are in, the faster your body temperature will drop. As your body temperature drops, your character's stamina will deplete faster; your hands will shake, and your vision will blur. If your body temperature reaches zero, your health will begin to drain. If your health hits zero, it is Game Over.
  • This game contains no checkpoints or have any save system, so if your character dies in the game, you have to start the game from the very beginning. However, this game is very short, if you know what your doing, you could beat this game in about 5 minutes.

This was a game made in around 5 weeks for an Online College Class, me and 2 other students where assigned to make a prototype game, and we chose to make this game. However because we where doing online, we had different time frames, my teammates work schedules, and my strong determination with these projects. This game became more of a 1 man project with some addition help from the other team members. It didn't even help that it turned out we where making something far beyond what was needed for the class assignment. So because of these factors, be aware that there might be some ruff edges in this game, especially in the sounds and animation. Of course this is not to give a defense on any problems you might have on the game. Fully give your honest opinion about the game, because criticism leads to help me learn my mistakes and help me create better games.

Hope you enjoy the game.

Create by Alex Olinkiewicz, with additional help from Brandon Camp and William Brannigan.

You can get the game here: