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All Walls Must Fall

A Tech-Noir Tactics game set in Berlin 2089, where the Cold War never ended. · By inbetweengames

My opinion after 2 missions.

A topic by BiZZ Keryear created Jul 12, 2017 Views: 244 Replies: 1
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Looks nice so far

  • ... but the controls feel a little clunky
    • there were several times where I did things that I didn't wanted to do 
      • ... like buy a 2nd slot in shop
      • ... or punched a wall where I didn't wanted to (but close by)
  • ... and I got lost on both maps 
    • so a minimap would be nice
  • had overlooked enemies a few times
    • one time because they were out of screen (later when I rotated they where in, but it was too late then)
    • most times because they blend in too well
  • I like the mechanic, but ...
    • it feels like there is not enough time
    • Also it is IMHO a bit too moody (moody or as I call it: I can't see shit)

And don't forget ... opinions are like assholes ... everyone has one, but they are rarely the same.


Thanks for your feedback!