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My impressions

A topic by blomvik created Feb 09, 2021 Views: 75 Replies: 2
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The rope swinging reminds me of the ninja rope in the old Worms games, it works mostly the same.

The game is more or less a time trial/racing/speed running game, the game should have an option to turn off the tim limit completley, or the store description should be updated. 

Is the button sequence in the lake supposed to be trial-and-error, or is there a hint there? I spent 4-5 minutes trying before i gave up. I got the 3 first buttons.

All in all, a fun and simple game, although i'm not  the biggest fan of time trials.

Developer (2 edits)

Hello! Thank you very much for your review!

The button sequence is admitedly the hardest point (you are very close to the end) for which no clues are given beforehand. If you however keep going up to the office level, you might find the sequence posted somewhere (hint, hint... ;-)).

On the other hand, did you try the Trials mode? I'm afraid many players don't see it or decide to try it. Give it a try in case you haven't O;-).

Regarding the ninja rope, it's indeed very inspired by it, in fact this game was born with the purpose of using it as a main method of movement. But Rope Cow levels are larger, and it allows to select the shoot direction, and to shoot upwards which allows for very rapid movement sideways. Also importantly, Rope Cow features moving platforms and objects that interact with the rope (you can see those in the Trial stages).

Currently, I have been workind hard on an audio bug that impacts some users, but I'll soon be doing some more bugfixes and uploading at least a new Trial level.

Thank you and best regards!


Hi, i have now completed the game. I found the clue in the level, no idea how the button sequence was that hard to figure out.

The time trial mode is probably better than the story mode. It also works better with the time-pressure as you are racing around collecting items. Very fun.

An easy game to recommend to anyone who likes time-trial games.