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First Impressions and Thoughts

A topic by EricRonin created Jul 10, 2017 Views: 554 Replies: 6
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Rightio so, been playing this game for a few days, built the little bridge which is currently the main thing to do(and only major thing in atm). This game is really nice. Very relaxing, easy to play, and just a nice calm experience which is nice. It definitely reminds me of Stardew Valley. I know the game it's mainly compared to is Harvest Moon but i never played that lol. 

The main things i think could be edited to make things a bit less.....slow are: The time of day goes by too fast. Even in Stardew Valley i hate how fast the days go by, cause i feel like i'm not able to get enough done in a single day. Right now it looks like it goes by Minutes are seconds, and hours are minutes. I know that's simple to program, but it really doesn't leave much time to do much in a single day. I feel crafting times as well are a bit ridiculous. Smelting items takes 2-3 ingame hours for just one, and so again i feel like i'm wasting a full day just waiting for materials to smelt so i can actually build things. Right now the game doesn't have a ton of content, so i get maybe trying to pad it a bit but it really should be reduced greatly. Only like, technical bug i'm seeing is whenever i make my first swing of combat the game lags up bad for a bit but i'm sure that will be ironed out. 

I guess i could also mention stamina, mainly that i wish it regened slowly over time. Again, was another problem i had with Stardew Valley. Right now only a few items give some stamina but not that much stamina per, and can be a pain to get a hold of. I think a slow stamina regen of like, 1 or 2 per second would be nice, cause i could do more resource gathering in a day. But that one is just a gripe of mine, the other two things i spoke above are to me more important things that would improve the game by making me feel like i'm getting more out of each day. Just my thoughts really.

All in all, i really enjoy this game and can't wait to see more updates. I hope this game goes as far as Stardew Valley has cause i loved that game so much and having another game similar would be great. I love the art style and graphics, the sounds are great, and the characters look really nice so i hope they get fleshed out nicely. 


Thank you for your thoughts! We're actively looking at if we could extend the day or get rid of SP altogether. It really does come down to the the economic balance of the game, which is pretty hard to get fun.

Yeah i understand that. You want the game to be fun, but at the same time if it's too easy people could blow by it too fast. Even with lot's of content, you need a way to extend it out naturally. I think having stamina is fine, as it gives you a good reason to sleep at the end of each day. So either a simple regen tick or slightly easier to come by stamina regen foods would balance that. Even if it's things we have to craft, but give you enough stamina in return to make it worth the efforts. Also yeah a longer day would balance it out nicely. Just some thoughts, as i said i'm really enjoying the game a lot so  can't wait to see more updates :) Been a long time since i enjoyed a game enough to want to be involved somehow in it's progress so i really do enjoy this game a lot hehe

Personally, I think the time passage is perfect. It can feel a little dragged out early on when your stamina is lower and you can't do as much in the day, and can feel a little too fast when you've got the outfit and more stamina, but I like that you have to approach each day with at least some semblance of a plan and prioritization.

Definitely keep stamina. I agree that there need to be more stamina replenishing items, or at least, for now, that those already in the game should be adjusted. More complex food, for example, should replenish more stamina. So the cookable stew and salty catfish should both have higher stamina regen, as should the granny's pumpkin pie, since you have to buy the ingredients (peppers and salt) or the pie outright. Apples would be a great early-game stamina replenishing item if it wasn't so hard to get even one or two of them down. Perhaps having 1-2 apples fall off each tree each day that you can pick up for no stamina cost, but you can still try kicking the trees to get more if you wanted.

Personally, I've found that I spend a good portion of time in between abandoned mine runs farming llamas, sea urchins, and snails for their meat and making grilled meat from them so I can have stamina replenishing items when I go spelunking. It takes a few days to build up a good collection of them, but I usually can go digging for about 12-14 ingame hours with a stack of 8-10 grilled meat and a few apples that I've gathered while making resource node rounds. As for waiting for the furnaces... I just always keep them running, even when I don't have a need. Right now I've got three of them going, and I ALWAYS keep copper burning in at least one of those. The second is usually running bronze bars or stone bricks, and the third is sometimes empty so I can toss in smaller batches of things as needed, such as for glass or extra copper. Personally, I LOVE that it takes time for each to process - it feels less like a boring instant-gratification mobile game that way, and kind of forces you to go out and do other things in the meantime.

I can see how you might enjoy that, i just personally don't. Like i said, i feel like much of a day is wasted on waiting, and the whole planning out the next day is fine, but it still feels wasted. I like these games to relax with, and i just feel like i spend too much time waiting on something to finish. I come from games where it still takes time for items to finish, but nowhere near this long and so they have a good feel of progress happening. I feel this game could use a bit more of that. Maybe i want to spend a full day just building items to sell, but right now i don't feel i can efficiently do that. Again it's just how i personally feel. 

I think the best thing this game could honestly offer, are options to let you customize the game slightly towards your play style. Let me as the player adjust the time of day, the crafting lengths, things like that slightly. Maybe in a sense a difficulty slider would be great to control that. This way players like me who just want to relax more can have a slightly adjusted game than you would get. Idk just a thought.

That makes sense. Regardless of the actual speed of item processing, I do think it should state how soon the next one will be available, as I think it only says when the entire batch will be done right now.

The idea of a slider (literally or in difficulty level choices) is interesting. I understand some people like being able to adjust every aspect of the game manually, which is fair. Personally, I like things done a bit more organically and in-game. Just brainstorming a few ideas...

Do you think having the ability to craft fancier furnaces that process items faster (and more of them in a single batch) would help that? It might be slow-going at first, as a lot of these sorts of games always are in the beginning, but as you work more and upgrade your workshop and associated crafting stations, you become faster and more productive. Perhaps even having the ability to increase the speed of production by expending more power stones, or some other uncommon resource?

I suggested in a Steam comment that maybe the player can choose different paths to focus their time on; organically, instead of "pick your profession" is far more fun for me personally - the more time you spend doing something, the more it levels up, the more efficient you become at doing that thing - but I imagine some people like the idea of having to pick one thing to focus on to get more out of repeat playthroughs. If something like this were implemented, then it would make sense for things like production speed to go up and become faster as you level that skill up, if you're focusing on the workshop (other "paths" could be things like spelunking, fighting, fishing, farming, etc).

Hmmm, i guess that would work pretty well. Being able to level up and have better things to build is nice. I still think the furnace time should be shortened more, but also being able to craft a better furnace as you progress would be great too. I'm sure they plan on something like that probably, as it just makes sense in a game like this that you have to have some sort of progression put in. I mean this game is still very early so we don't really have any idea what's coming lol.