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Dvergatal - Thorin´s Quest

Save the world from the curse of the Spider King. · By Mark Dowen


A topic by rcbasicfans created 63 days ago Views: 30 Replies: 3
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I want to know what PureBasic can do in game development. Thus I search for games made with PureBasic on I find this game at last. I watch the video of the game.  The game looks good! My feeling is that the developer spent much time on developing the game. Well done! Now I see the potential of PureBasic.  Sometimes I read discussions here and therefore I am quite curious about PureBasic.,56.0.html


I m working on engine and tools , all created with Purebasic, now for more than one year. My goal is to finish this project this year.  More than 17K lines of code....  I will release the (not final) source code with the final game compilation. So there will be room for those who much better in coding to improve, and for beginners, it can be motivation to try more than code fragments.

Wow! Very good plan! Good luck.