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Boodunnit?! is an adventure-sandbox game where you're a ghost that has to solve the mystery of her own murder! · By Studio Koprol


A topic by FluffeyPanda's World created 74 days ago Views: 405 Replies: 2
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Full play through here: 

Love the game but even with this updated version that's not the broken steam one there's problems. There's a vent in the alleyway that doesn't work that is a super red herring it looks like it's point to a deck a person is sitting on, but there's absolutely no way up there since that vent doesn't work. That's just something I got incredibly stuck on though it's not important some clues have no real hint leading to them with other characters while some do which can be frustrating you're just better off looking everywhere than talking to the people for clues. I love the dialogue I love the art style and the game plays well I'm sad the scrolling mouse function doesn't work in this version like it does in the steam everything else though is far improved it plays rather nicely. THE ENDING MAKE THE TEXT FASSSSSSSSSSSTER god it gets so slow for no reason even if you put it on fast setting it's incredibly slow luckily if you click the arrow it auto does the text but I was scared to click it in case the ending couldn't be redone and I didn't want to skip anything my first time playing through it. OVERALL THOUGH AMAZING JOB thanks for kinda reaching out ^_^.

Hi Panda! Thank you so much for your gameplay and feedback. Some of the issues you mentioned aren't new for us, and we'll be continuing to work on them soon. Have a great day!

you as well!