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First Early Thoughts

A topic by Tchey created Jul 09, 2017 Views: 161 Replies: 4
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At last i can play, with some reported crash still, but better than previously. I played the demo months ago, too, and it made me want more.

So, version 0.32

I played only a little, to mission 4 here i get destroyed. My main is a sniper, and i recruted 2 people at first, + the freed hostage. I have a sniper (gladiator?), a soldier, a shortrange guy (but cannot equip shotgun as the game crash), and the hostage still level 1, with a SMG.

- First, i don't like the actions system you have, similar to the 2 newest XCOM (i dislike them a lot). I much, much, much prefer a "time units" system, like the good old Xcom, or UFO:AI, or the excellent lovely Xenonauts (yes i love it and i think it's the best iteration of xcom games with Open XCOM). So i guess i need to accept that "two actions per turn" horror, and pass on it...

- When i move and spot an enemy, i'd like to be able to change my path, like go back or at least stop going straight to the enemy. That's one of the many parts why a dislike the "2 actions per move" system.

- More stances. Crounch, on the ground, stand, walk, run, crawl...

- Early death seems to be lethal. With 2 toons it's impossible to go on. So i propose to add a special tool or skill to the leader (the main character, the first one i get to pick). Revive one toon per "region". You can't save the revive for the next region, so you can never get 2 revive tools. If your main survive, you can walk on you dead mate and use revive. Once per "mission pack".

- Should be able to go back from the select-mission-screen, to the upgrade-my-toons-screen (the Base ?). Until i actually start the mission, i should be able to rearrange my team anytime.

- Manual pan camera is stuck when it's enemy's turn. Would be better to have it alway under control.

- I'd like to double-click Overwatch, Defence and others, instead of having to click, move a little up to reach the tooltip, click again co confirm.

- I'd prefer to click and drag the minimap, instead of click it to open a larger and quite useless map in the middle of the screen.

- I'd prefer to see raw numbers for life and armor and all, instead of colored bars.

- I'd like to have less rogue-like, more tactical gameplay... I'm not sure but it seems my Base doesn't keep track of loot i got, so if i don't assign them right after the mission, it's lost. Also i'd like more inventory management, with side weapon, slots for grenade, trowable torch, nightvision device, exloration drone etc.

- Would be great to have an actual base to build, inside a submarine maybe. Not something you can move inside in real time, but maybe something like Starbound's ship, or like Codex of Victory. You could leave or pick your crew, have a building for research new tech, store loot, trade maybe, train the troops you don't bring with you, add a bonus to some abilities and so on.

- It's not always obvious to read the tiles. Is that a cover, or is it an explosive barrel i should avoid ? Is it an impassable wall, or some obstacle i can destroy or use as cover ?

- When i target an enemy i see a % to hit. When i click a tile to move closer, i'd like to see an updated value before i move, so i can make smarter decisions.

Global first impression is "could be better". I also now i want to see more, so it's good.


Thanks for the feedback. It's definitely a work in progress and I can appreciate all your thoughts. I also loved the early X-Com games (especially TFTD) and Fallout 1 & 2 so I do understand the time unit preference. My take was that the new X-Com games had an elegant simplicity and were much more accessible, which is the main reason I went in that direction. It's hard being a super small team (only 1 full time person on the project and 2 part timers now) to get all features we would like to have, and we've had to cut a lot out to get this far. We will be adding a lot more features into the game (as discussed in a previous dev log) and we appreciate hearing what features our players think are most important as we still have a chance to make some course corrections to the plan. 

One thing that maybe is not obvious enough is that you can click on the player portraits from the mission selection screen to change equipment, etc. I wonder if you will get the crash there also?

Oh great, no crash from this screen, and all equipment listed. I did click previously on the icons like Bag, Level Up... but i guess i didn't click on the weapon itself to open the inventory. Thanks.


Okay, that actually will help me figure out what is wrong. Thanks!

Hi, the new build with the new GUI is working nicely so far.

The new GUI is good, and will be better when you will change the grid for an overlay, when showing the path. Now it's still a little messy because of that.

Still, i'd like to click to select say Overwatch, and click again to confirm, instead of moving my mouse to the bottom right corner or press space.

As gameplay, i still want my toon to STOP its move whenever an enemy is spotted. It's weird when i spot an enemy and happily run next to it anyway. Being able to move is several actions would be great too (ie, i move 3 tiles, then i see better what's on the corner, so i can move 5 tiles more not doing stupid manΕ“uvres, or run back, or whatever).

Also, having some option for shooting would be great. Like, even with a pistol, i can do precise shot (better chance to hit and critical), quick shot (less but maybe 2 shots instead of one), prepared shot (i don't shot this turn, but next turn i'm very prepared, like an active overwatch), suppression fire (keep the enemy "stunned" even if the bullets actually miss the target, they surround the target, and more.

The right click to move the view is fine, but i expected to drag and move from my cursor position. Instead the view goes wher the cursor goes. Not a big deal, but i'm used to the opposite in many games.

I still want numbers, not green, yellow, red... for health, action points or anything related with numbers.

Early death is still super punishing. We should be able to call reinforcment between mission, with money or something, and keep the hostage mission for free allies to recruit, or something like that.