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Call your friend from worlds away and solve tasks together! · By Jaime Gifte, MDLune

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A topic by Jaime Gifte created Feb 05, 2021 Views: 297 Replies: 10
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Feel free to use this thread to comment about the game! If you stumble upon any bugs please comment on the Bugs thread.

Have fun!

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Amazing game! love it :D


Thank you!

Really fun! When I told my friend to play he wasn't really enthusiastic about it, but when we finally figured out how to play he really thought it was fun! 


Glad to read you two had fun! :D

Ye, one of the main issues we had was the difficulty to explain how the whole game works; it is not super intuitive but I think it has its charm.

This is so innovative! wish more people hear of this game


Thank you! ^^

Hi! I found this game just browsing Itch late in the evening. I just played a session with my SO who lives on the other side of the world - this is excellent! The puzzles are fun to figure out (we had to use the manual to somehow get started) and the fact it works independent of connection means we were able to seamlessly play it across the world without ping issues.

Thank you for developing this game!


Thank you both for playing and the kind words! ^^ I made this game alongside my SO and the motivation to make it multiplayer this way comes from the same problem, being far far away; so I am happy to hear other couples are playing it!

Its a bit complicated to get started for sure, but we are truly glad you had fun!

me and my SO really enjoyed this game, we were very confused on puzzles at first honestly but we got better at communicating the solutions to each with each other once we full grasped everything


Glad you two enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing! ^^

I agree the game is confusing at first, if we ever expand on the idea it is our number one priority to put like a clue or title to each puzzle, maybe a sign or a scrap of paper would do