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Need advice on iframe/zip with more than 100 files

A topic by SRF Studio created Jul 08, 2017 Views: 139 Replies: 3
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My new game should be played in a browser but it has over 300 files. I'm not sure if I can upload multiple zips with 100 files each or is it possible to have seamless iframe for the game?

When I upload a standard html page with a simple iframe code the game is being blocked by browsers with 'insecure sources' message. Player can click on message and allow the game to run but if it wasn't my game I wouldn't allow it to run with that message :)

Any advice on how to resolve this problem would be great.

Problem seems to be solved :) In my html file with iframe I had a source link with a 'http' address, once I changed it to 'https' the browser's security message didn't appear again.

Sorry for making a haste topic without testing everything first.


Were you able to get around the file limit as well? It's not possible to upload multiple zips

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Unfortunately no, I just managed to get iframe to work without the browser alerts :(

My first published game on is a desktop release so i didn't have problems with file count. At first I did try to upload html5 browser version here and on Game Jolt but both sites had some problems with the video plugin I was using so I decided to publish desktop versions. The only fully functioning htlm5 browser version was published on Newgrounds.

For my new game I have decided not to go with desktop versions, different video plugin worked out great but I'm stuck with over 300 files. The game test-zip is functioning on Newgrounds and Game Jolt but here it has problems (error messages) that I think can only be attributed to the file count.

I don't know why there is a 100 files limit on, I'm sure it's there for a reason. I could try packing the files with some sort of software that Construct 2 engine could read from during the gameplay but I guess iframe is more practical solution.