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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Autonauts FAQ Sticky

A topic by Denki created Jul 08, 2017 Views: 59,497 Replies: 681
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Are you ever going to add music to the game?

One thing that we certainly don't need to do is to give the developers more suggestions for additions to the game.  They have been working on adding so many suggestions from everyone that it has been over 14 months since we have gotten an update.  We all need to realize that when Denki said "Remember that mahoosive technology tree timeline flowchart we did?", that meant that the developers were planning on building that entire timeline into the next version of Autonauts and that they are going to need a mahoosive amount of time to do so.   Adding more and more suggestions will keep delaying the release of the next version.  Let's be happy with what they plan to provide us.

Deleted 1 year ago

if you make a BIG update, will we still have our save files or will we have to restart?


Unfortunately the changes have been so great than you'll need to start again. Though hopefully you'll enjoy it all over again :)

Such a great game. Have been wishing and hoping for something like this for a while. Have been playing a few days now. On my wishlist would be more commands for the bots to enable them to do more complex tasks, the ability to change the terrain so that you can, for instance, change where to put your farms, rewards for looking after the villagers, bots returning to their shelter when the task is complete (or maybe I can program that already - will have a go when I next play).

Also, just a plea to keep it available for Mac. There are too few decent games for us Mac users.

Price: I would be happy to pay £10-15 for the game, perhaps more. Looking forward to it being released on Steam.

Also on the wishlist: copy and paste commands for the bots.


\o/  Hooray!

Thanks for the feedback. More programming commands are a big request and we plan on adding more some time after initial release. Changing the terrain will be available from first release. The Folk will play a much more important role and not just be a pain to look after. When you say have a bot return to its shelter do you mean to put itself into bot storage? At the moment bots lose their program when stored (this will be fixed in the first release) but even if it could do that you're then left with the problem of how it would come out again :) The first version that comes out will probably be PC only but a Mac/Linux version should follow shortly afterwards. We're hoping the price will be in the range you suggested.


With regards to storage of bots, it was just an idea that at least I know where they have gone once they have completed their assigned task so you don't have to look around the map.

Looking forward to the mac release. Let's hope we don't have too long to wait, in the meantime I'm very much enjoying the release as it stands. Many hours of playing already!

Is it possible to port this for mobile devices?


It's possible but at this stage we're concentrating on PC and then possibly console. If it proves popular enough we may do a mobile version

I sense we are getting closer to release.  I have been following your progress for years and I am really looking forward to playing the game.

I know that you still haven't announced the publisher yet but I was wondering if this publisher is one that would offer outside investment in Autonauts.  Is this something you can tell us?


We're certainly closer, that's for sure. It's been a long, but rewarding road for us :)

Unfortunately I'm pretty certain our publisher wouldn't be interested in outside investment. 


Oh and I should probably add we really appreciate your interest and belief in us. It's very reassuring to know people like yourself are still willing to support us at that level. Thanks!

You're very welcome.  I think you have a little gem here and wish you all the best.

Hey i love the game but sometimes you kinda want to watch the game while doing something else . Is there any way i can have the game windowed instead of in fullscreen?


Thanks! Select the "Windowed" tick box when you first launch the game.

So when you are giving out tools so in the forestry 2 bots use different tools in same area how do I give the right tool to one instead of the bot GiVing both a axe or the wrong itsm

Each bot and the Farmer/Player may only hold one "tool" in its hands at any one time.  It may hold multiple tools in its inventory or backpacks.  Of course, everyone needs to correctly select to which bot you wish to give an axe and to which other bot you wish to give a shovel or spade or something else.  You can press the space bar on your PC to blow the "whistle" which will show the names of all of the bots so you can select the right one.  You can also click on the "bots" icon at the right side to show the list of all of the bots, and then you can click on the name of one of them to select it.  Be sure to give your bots names that are meaningful.   I like to name my bots by their task such as "Tree Chop", rather than naming them "Bob" or "Sam".

Hey Denki, i've been playing the game for about a week or so, and ive noticed theres been some pretty rough lag spikes. (Though it may be caused by my 400 robots... (:   ). Any ideas for a fix? (I bought it through steam), so maybe i should just allocate more ram to it, but i wanted to see what your input was on that

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