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Goblins of Elderstone

Build a goblin village! Manage a chaotic tribe! Survive Winter! Expand, Trade and Conquer! Be the Goblin King! · By lostgoblin

Very interested in this game...

A topic by GasTheFanz created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 7
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But I have a few questions. I know the game had a demo stage once for DL and had limited features to play with. Now the game is $20 and I wonder are we getting basically everything the demo offers or more? Is Patheon included? I heard there was a way to actually construct your own maps and more features to set up gameplay the way you want? Does the current build have this?

What am I actually getting for $20 compared to what the demo offers? Can you point me to a list of features that can be comparable to the demo version?

Looking forward to possibly supporting this title, the look and feel interests me greatly. Thank you for your time.

PS: I tried finding this on steam, but since they cancelled "greenlight" I just cant seem to search the title....if its coming to steam, I will wait for it there. Any idea when release for Steam will be?


I'm not affiliated with GoE.  I'm a backer from kickstarter.

Hey..  It's still fairly feature limited.  I haven't explored it too much, and I didn't play the demo but I did see people play it.  

What you do have at the beginning is selecting your gods and path, however it is not fully implemented.

When selecting your map you can randomize map tiles and then select a map tile you want (If that makes sense).  It's kind of like Dwarf Fortress in that regard.  It gives you a rating of amount of resources/danger.  The more resources, the more danger of course.  

You get to select your goblins which will make up your first village.  However, this doesn't appear to impact things too much as traits and the like are not in yet.  

There are a selection of buildings not functional in the game yet.  (Things like Pig Sty)  

Ultimately, this feels more like the beginning of something that is going to be feature complete.  You can feel it the direction it's going.  The demo didn't give that impression.  

So.  If you want to play a game and have all those features, maybe hold off for 6 months.  

If you're curious and enjoyed the demo, then the $20 will not be wasted.  You'll get a couple of hours out of it in this early state (Still better than a movie ticket).  You'll also know that in a few months you can revisit for a different/better gaming experience.

Thanks for helping us answer aiydee! Our backers are so awesome <3

:D Go Stonekickers!! :D :D


Welcome.  The Demo I watched was stuff on your youtube/twitch.  (IF that makes sense).  Some of it is more feature complete.  (What do you expect).  I know I've seen various videos on youtube streaming stuff.  (But no idea who or what or why or whatever).  I just like to keep up-to-date.  :P

The worst part about getting this early alpha?  It's splitting my time with another early alpha I'm in that is about reporting bugs.    :D  

Got a bug that I'm trying to replicate in your game at the moment.  When I replicate it, I'll report it.

haha thats awesome! Thanks so much. We REALLY appreciate it. We're a very small team so every bit helps a lot!


No stranger to pre-alpha or alpha staged games. Im down to support IF its going to be finished and feature complete and from the looks of the game, it seems its headed in that direction. Ill be picking it up this weekend sometime. Preciate the info and your time!

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Hi there
Sounds awesome that you want to support us. I'm not sure where you got the information about a "Demo".  There was never a demo, only an Alpha 1.0 release to the Alpha tier backers (which was at a much higher price point during the Kickstarter as it included many other things as well as the supportive funding to actually develop the game)

We're absolutely committed to finishing the game with the feedback and help from our growing community. We will move to Steam Early Access once we feel confident that its ready for that larger (more skeptical) market (at which point the price will likely move higher again). Our existing customers will get their steam keys of course (once we figure that out). 

Feel free to follow us and wait till the Steam release if you're still not sure, but of course we would appreciate your support now which will help fund the development and will give you the opportunity to give us feedback and help us grow the game and the community behind it.

Have a great weekend! :D


I supported the game and developing team and have spread the word about the game. Preciate the responses and I will be diving into the title soon once I get a bit more time. Thank you for your time and information, best of luck with GoE.