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Change tool?

A topic by FilanusSvK created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 1,985 Replies: 16
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I have a question. How can I change my tools what I equipped? Because buttons 1-3 is not working to me.

You need to make the tools first and equip them with E, then you'll be able to select them.


excuse me. Can you help me... how do i craft the copper axe?

Well, I know that, but for example I make 1 copper hammer, pickaxe and axe, them I equip them. But here is the catch, now I can't change them.

just press the keys on your keyboard

I found my problem. I had changed language of my keyboard from Slovak to English and it's working now.


so do you have to hold item or have it lay on a certain surface

So confused with your question - the topic is almost 40 days old.

Are you having trouble.. making.. an item? or... assembling one?

to assemble parts - they have to be ontop of the workbench - the purple-ish clothed area on the workbench - too far down or too far up and they won't combine with things.

To make parts - you need to have heated ingots on the anvil before you can switch to the different categories in the radial select menu.

To switch to higher tier tools - you need to select the tool you're switching. - Tin Pickaxe? Select #3 (copper pick, likely) (you won't need to select #3 if its empty, it'll automatically fill the spot)

Iron Hammer? must select #1 - the hammer slot - can't be on axe or Pickaxe and try and equip a hammer - it won't work.

Titanium Axe? must select #2 - can't be on hammer or pick.


alright - I reread the page.

... Still kinda confused at question.

since the page was actually about keyboard issues and not being able to properly select tools and then later, upgrade them.

If that's your problem too, which it didn't look like when I read your comment - then either try changing controls in menu to whatever buttons work for you - or changing keyboard language

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I cant equip tools. Im using e on the tool but im not equipping it

there's a couple things to verify before feeling like there might be a bigger issue.

Try first selecting the item number in question and then using the use key on em. - After the first Item equip for each slot, you have to have them selected to swap them for new ones, perhaps it's to prevent accidentally equipping a worse tool after you've gotten to like iron or something - as if you were to accidentally equip say, a copper pick over your iron pick, the iron pick would be gone.

Alternatively is insurance that the item is actually an item. - the easiest way to ensure your tools are complete is to simply make tools you could sell and have them say in the corner of the screen that you completed said item

You can however equip variants that are not "right" - like you can have a pick on a pole grip if I remember correctly and still use it

Make sure they're (any hammer head afaik) a hammer - A small axe head - and a pickax head - They don't need guards (I don't think you can even get that to combine..) Their handles often can differ.

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thank you but i have an other issue different then this

I bought my first tin ingot and made it into a dagger but now nobody wants to buy it

When you start making new types of metals, at least for this version (0.0.8x) You need to have That type or higher metal hammer.

So if you wanna sell Tin, You need a Tin or better Hammer.

If you want to sell anything, you need a titanium hammer.... I think... I haven't played in a bit cause of other things and saving up enjoyment for next version... whatever top metal was.

Unfortunately. That means the Tin Dagger you made will have to wait until you can get enough for a Tin Hammer, or enough for a Tin pick to mine additional Tin.

There's ways, non too "legitimate" (exploits or cheating) that you could do to make up for the mistakes/naive action, though. - Some are bugs that are hopefully squashed, from what I've heard before, others are well.. Cheating.. which is rarely ever squashable entirely.

Thank you for helping me again.

Sometimes when i create a nother game and play until a particular day. The next time i play it, it resets the whole game please find a solution for this

P.S. If you can.

i still cant equip the damn axe