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A roguelike simulation of the cosmos. · By Maugrift

Message box scroll bug? Locked

A topic by aerasalum created Jul 06, 2017 Views: 286 Replies: 3
This topic was locked by Maugrift Jul 07, 2017

Issue resolved.

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Windows version.

1. Have the message box full with at least one message scrolled off the top

2. Perform certain illegal actions (Trying to dock or land where there isn't a station or planet always seems to work, others only seem to work sometimes)- I've only tested this with the arrow keys so maybe that's got something to do with it

3. The message box scrolls up

4. Experience "Not being caught up with the news Simulator 2017"

Hope this gets fixed soon :)


I think this is intended behavior. Here's what is supposed to happen:

  • A new message is added to the top of the message box.
  • Every message below it is scrolled down.
  • If the message box is full, the oldest (lowest) message is removed.

Currently, there is no way of viewing old messages, though this reminds me that I should implement one. This also means that unintentionally spamming error messages can cause other messages to be drowned out. I plan to fix this at some point by adding a counter for the number of times a message is received (e.g. "There is no station to dock with at this orbit. (x5)").

If your issue is different than what I've described, let me know and I'll test it when possible. Could you also elaborate on what types of illegal actions "don't work?" In any case, thanks for reporting!

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I think that's what it was, now that I know what the intended behavior is, it seems to work fine.. I swear I remember seeing "newer" (older) messages at some point but that was probably due to confusion

Edit: That I was able to get confused by this in the first place is important, though.. I think most roguelikes I've played put the newest messages at the bottom


Alright, glad we got this cleared up. I'll consider putting new messages at the bottom, though I doubt it's a significant source of confusion for most. Cheers!

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