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20 years after the fall of the U.S, travel a cross the wasteland to find a cure. · By Hyper Drive Gaming Studio

Interesting Post-Apocalyptic Setting

A topic by Wnick1996 created Jan 31, 2021 Views: 92 Replies: 2
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Seeing the trailer (both the fake and official) I can see that the game is inspired by multiple post-apocalyptic games such as Fallout, The Last of Us, and the Metro series. From what info there is on the page, the setting is seems unique and interesting when compared to it contemporaries in my opinion. I would buy the full release when given the chance. 


Thanks so much for the feedback and thread! the full game will be out this summer we will be posting updates frequently so keep an eye out for more info in the near future. 


Great! Thanks for responding to my post. I'll keep my eye on the progress of the game. Keep up the good work