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Overlapping textures in Unreal Engine 4

A topic by Jean Charpentier created Jul 05, 2017 Views: 725 Replies: 3
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Hi !
I found a bug when importing my asset into Unreal Engine 4. Blocs are overlapping in junctions and textures flicker on this junctions.
Maibe I do something wrong, I'm not sure.

Here is a screenshot of the problem. Thank you !

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I get the same problem in unity, this seems to be because meshes overlap and this causes "z fighting".. This seems to be very common among the "Castle" blocks :/ 

I do not know if there is a fix though, other than moving the meshes (blocks) so that they do not overlap.. I'd love some help with this aswell

I've seen this happen inside of asset forge itself too, particularly when you have a floor block perpendicular to and jointed with a wall block and the two pieces have different textures. I guess it would be x or y fighting in that case though. :P


Z-fighting is unable to get around when creating blocks that should fit together. I've done my best to come up with a system for them so most of the time they fit, there may still be problems. There are optimizations planned to the exported mesh files and one of them is to check for z-fighting vertices, stay tuned!

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