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Myrne: Sobriquet - Physic based 2 players vs game

A topic by Beldarak created Jul 05, 2017 Views: 158
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Hey everyone!

I just released this small free game. It's basically Angry Birds for two players (on the same keyboard like in the good old time^^).

The game

I took inspiration from Crossbows and Catapults, an old game (physical) I used to play when I was a child (and still do, actually).

There are 6 levels with some of them adding some twist to the game (low gravity in space, some terrain effects, different weapons/characters etc...).

It's basically played with two buttons (+ 2 extra keys to have a better look at the battlefield and unstucking a weapon or character burried under the rubbles) and can be played very quickly.

You can download it here

About me

I make videogames for quite some years now. I'm working on the Myrne serie, those are Action-RPG sharing the same universe (on a long timeline so I can mix themes like fantasy and space).

But this project was simply made for fun, to play with a friend. Seeing how much we both love it, I guessed I should release it to the public :)

Hope you'll like it :)

Don't hesitate if you have any question(s).