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BUG: materials do not show up corectly when exporting

A topic by MatthewWelch created Jul 04, 2017 Views: 249 Replies: 8
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Exporting a model as an OBJ does not show the materials correctly when imported into Blender or Maya.

Could you explain a bit more what's wrong? Could you include screenshot(s) and sample files?

moved this topic to Bug reports

The top image is from Asset forge and the bottom image is the imported OBJ from Blender. Download files here.



Hey, could you try opening and exporting using the newest version (1.1.0)? It fixes some issues and it might fix this one.

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The new version did not fix it. I looked at all of the multi-colored objects and it has this problem with most of the ones for the vehicles and one from the aircraft and castles.

Sorry for keeping having to ask this (hah!), but could you try again with version 1.2.0? It completely changes the way blocks are handled and it should solve this issue.

It looks a little different but the problem is still there.

Could you show a screenshot?