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Can't control the camera on a touchpad? Also CPU usage seems high.

A topic by trainsaw created Jul 03, 2017 Views: 90 Replies: 1
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Looks good so far!  Using my Macbook I can't find a way to rotate or pan the camera without a mouse.  If it doesn't exist yet, I suggest Unity controls which are:

  • Option key + drag to rotate
  • Option + Command keys + drag to pan

Also, Asset Forge makes my fan spin up in a few seconds and stay spinning as long as the program is in the foreground.  Unity generally doesn't do that unless I'm actually running a game - editor usage doesn't use much CPU.  CPU usage for Asset Forge is 60-65%, for Unity it's around 12%.  It would be nice for those of us on laptops at coffee shops to keep power usage down. :)

I was just going to say the same two things.  

So +1, +1.

Great beginnings though :-)

moved this topic to Feature requests