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American Angst: A text-based multiple-choice survival horror game

A topic by m3g1dd0 created Jul 03, 2017 Views: 419 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone, I'm new to and new to game creation. I would like to introduce you to my first project, a survival horror game created with Twine. It's called American Angst and will feature

  • Multiple endings
  • Even minor decisions will impact the story (practically no choice is without effect)
  • Replay value, as the story unfolds through the different endings
  • Round-based combat system
  • Monitoring of stats
  • Inventory
  • Autosave and Checkpoints
  • Approx. 50k words

The setting is tried and tested (waking up with no memory in the dark), but I hope I can give it a fine twist with the story I am developing. American Angst is a pastiche of slasher, survival horror, dungeon crawler and RPG games, influenced by 70s exploitation horror flicks and video nasties like The Hills have Eyes and The Last House on the Left, as well as films like CubeHostel and Running Man, or games like Resident Evil and Dead SpaceAmerican Angst is my first foray into game creation with Twine. It started as an experiment but quickly scaled to a larger pet project. I welcome your constructive criticism.

Here's the page of the game. I am hoping to be able to publish it in September. As it is my first game, I will be releasing it as pay what you want. I just published the first devlog today, feel free to read it:

Looking forward to sharing the game with you when it's out and find out more about your games, as well. I'm on Twitter and Facebook, too.

A new devlog about "escalating agency" in text-based games:

Update: I've just published the Game Trailer: