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Landon demo beta released!

A topic by Avekvist created Jul 03, 2017 Views: 98
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Landon Demo Beta

Hi everyone. I just released a beta demo for my game Landon. It's going to be an open world metroidvania, where you can feel free to explore wherever you want, or just go on and fight if you'd prefer that. 

Current available mechanics are listed on the store page, but I'm listing them here too: 

  • Fully working inventory system.
  • Shooting and jetpacking. Ladders, too. 
  • Dying. Going through doors. 
  • Opening chests and dialogues. 
  • Collecting collectables of different values. As well as destroying them. 
  • Dogs. 

And then some of the planned features: 

  • Sword fighting. Well-developed combat system. 
  • A deep companion system, where you can control the companions actions and where to move. 
  • Upgrade system at a vendors place. 

These are not all of the planned features, for a complete list check out the store page, but these are some of which I find the most enjoyable. 

Landon on