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UX problem when dismissing the "post a new devlog!" message

A topic by MBoffin created Jul 02, 2017 Views: 130 Replies: 1
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When you make a change to your game's page, the next time you view it there's a message suggesting you post a new devlog about the change. Next to the "New devlog →" button is a text "Dismiss" link to dismiss the message. However, when you click "Dismiss" and it goes back to the Dashboard, you get the toast popup "Changes dismissed".

From a UX standpoint, this is confusing.

<internal monologue>Changes? What changes were dismissed? I was just trying to dismiss the reminder to write a new devlog. Did the changes I made to my game page get reverted? I thought I had saved already? I better check the page again to make sure nothing got reverted....</internal monologue>


Thanks for the feedback, I've changed the banner to disappear when being dismissed instead of navigating to a new page.