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Help me It say value exception

A topic by JaponBaykus created Jan 25, 2021 Views: 10,587 Replies: 23
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help please ._.


It says that to me as well :C help :C


me too how do i fix it

Same, i open it and that error pops out ;(



Deleted 1 year ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG now i will not have to play it only on chrome :,D ily

what doe you mean by that

thanks, i had to get a newer version of the game to play it again, but the "valueException" error happened. I'm glad you could help me on this!

what do you mean? Can you go into more detail?

you have to extract all

yeah i do that but I still get the error

I just don't understand what he means

how do you do that

That dont work for me o-o


111 days ago


140 ago :c

o ja en dit is echt te laat maar het helpt bij mij om het vast te maken aan de taalbalk dan kan ik het opstaren zonder een value exeption

it happens to me too idk why


on your desktop right click to create a new folder, open your files and look for the .zip of the game, drag it into the new folder, right click the .zip then hit "extract here" then the .exe will start running. the only reason I figured it out was because of downloading clone hero charts lol.

guitar hero x clone hero

HOW DO YOU USE EXTRACT HERE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

do a new file and then paste the all the fnf file then done

bruh jullie zijn echt dom