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Jams Graded?

A topic by jamesjpk123 created Jun 29, 2017 Views: 264 Replies: 3
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Are jams judged? If not, I think this would be a cool idea. I think that if it was judged, the community should judge since the community is what makes Bitsy great. Any thoughts?


The first jam allowed ratings but people didn't seem to be too into it, so I stopped using that feature - I'd be open to reconsidering that if there is interest in judging. However, I think the casual nature of the jams is part of what makes them fun, and I wonder if judging would add too much pressure. But maybe there's another way to give people recognition for their games? I'm open to any ideas you have!

Also, I totally agree the community is what makes Bitsy fun! thanks for being part of it :^)

Well....I don't know much about the Bitsy community yet, but it's a fun creation tool!!

One idea......maybe at the end of could do an 'Awards Show' --podcast! 'Best Use of Color', 'Best First Game', 'Best Horror-themed Game'......etc. etc. ! That would be pretty cool.