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Rosie's Inn

Welcome to Rosie's Inn, a prototype featuring just a taste of the business behind questing in a fantasy world. · By Akupara Jams

Tavern Keeper

A topic by ha14 created Jan 14, 2021 Views: 333 Replies: 3
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Nice game, the idea behind this Tavern Keeper game is simple, MAKE ENHOUGH GOLD, but it requires more than just simply send the characters to mission...


Glad you enjoyed it! Definitely wanted to make the difference between smart questing choices and poor questing choices very explicit! 

I am loving this game so much! It scratches that little DND immersion itch and I felt like I was on the other side for once. Truly enjoyed this demo.


Really happy to hear this! I actually based some of the characters (like Gahnder and Colbjorn) off DND characters I've played!