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Don't Be A Baby! DEMO

What if South Park and Cuphead had a baby? · By Caldera Peak Studios

Full play through and thoughts

A topic by FluffeyPanda's World created Jan 03, 2021 Views: 36 Replies: 3
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my full play through here: 

This game is outrageously hard the fact things don't stay dead and the AI are actually made to be difficult makes this game wildly challenging. I'm sure there's an audience for this game, but at the difficulty level it's at I can't even fathom getting through a full game of this luckily the creators were merciful enough to put a check point in the demo, but damn. You can definitely tell they put some effort into this game though so if you want a challenging run and gun check it out 4 out of 5 for a free to play demo for me.


Thank you very much for the feed back!! Im grateful for you!

Thank you for making it again! :)