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Dutch Unity Community Game Jam #1 | but every non Dutch can also join ;-)!

A topic by GoedWare created 29 days ago Views: 156 Replies: 12
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For lovers & enthusiasts as well as for those who like a challenge and reason to get started with Unity:

The first Dutch Unity Community Game Jam will be held on January 10, 2021. Anyone (non-Dutch also!) will be able to participate in this Jam to tinker with a game for a limited period of time and have it reviewed by fellow game developers. And there are even fun little prizes to win. But the most important thing about a Game Jam is that you will have fun making a game and actually finish it. There is a Devlog scoring/rating option so we can all learn of each other's game development processes.

In combination with this Game Jam there is also a Discord server set up where you can discuss the Game Jam with each other, but also ask general questions and share tips or tricks. All this can be done in Dutch language or in English of course. Everybody is welcome.

Game Jam link:

Discord Server link:

The first Dutch Unity Community Game Jam will start on January 10, 2021, join now and have fun making a game and maybe win some nice prices too :-)!

Just to get this straight "Dutch" doesn't mean the game has to be in the Dutch language (die ik trouwens vloeiend spreek) or that you have to be Dutch yourself, right?
I'm merely asking because the name implies this is really a "Dutch only" event, which may make non-Dutch people ignore it thinking they could not participate (which was actually something I thought... Now I am Dutch myself, so for me that won't matter (although I don't use Unity, so that would disqualify me), but if I were not I might have ignored this announcement).


Okay, I see you responded to my question with clarification ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Yes, you are right: you don't have to be Dutch, speak Dutch or make the game in Dutch ๐Ÿ˜Š!
It is just the Dutch Unity Community that organizes this Game Jam


Goed, veel succes met de Jam. Daar ik zelf momenteel in C++ werk en eingelijk nooit Unity heb gebruikt en ik sowieso al geen tijd heb voor een jam op het moment, zal ik hem even moeten laten voor wat het is. Maar ik bied altijd graag een helpende hand en een misverstand voorkomen hoort daarbij denk ik. ;)

(For those who don't speak Dutch) Well, good luck with the jam. As I work myself in C++ at this moment and never used Unity before, and since I don't have time for a jam at all at this moment, I'll have to pass. But I always like to offer a helping hand and preventing a misunderstanding also goes with that I think. ;)


Dank je wel :D!

Unity is wel het proberen waard hoor, mocht je er ooit tijd en zin in hebben.. ;-)
Maar C++, uit vroegere tijden herinner ik me dat nog, is ook heel tof. Veel plezier daarin dan natuurlijk.

Maar ben blij dat je hebt geholpen om een misverstand te voorkomen. Top!

Only 2 days left to register and participate... (non-Dutch are welcome to join us also!)
Join the Jam and have fun :-)!

The theme has been announced:

"You are the Villain"

Have fun creating your game!

The first Dutch Unity Community Game Jam has already started, but the Jam duration is 11 days and you can join and submit until January 21.
Participate, have fun, finish a game & maybe win some nice prizes too ๐Ÿ˜Š!

The weekend is approaching and there are still 6 days left before the deadline for the first Dutch Community Game Jam (**but the Game Jam is also open for non-Dutch entries!). So register quickly, participate, have fun and maybe you will win some nice prizes too :-)!

Still 2 days left before the deadline for the first Dutch Community Game Jam (**but the Game Jam is also open for non-Dutch entries!). 

If you are quick you could still submit a small game and join the Jam and maybe win some prizes too...