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A licensed Unity remake of the classic · By technicat

Fun game

A topic by Ellisjames20061 created Dec 27, 2020 Views: 109 Replies: 3
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I checked out your game and played through a few levels it was a fun game idea and would be intresting to see if you take it any further. My only problem was that it was hard to tell what the buttons did on the bottom so i just ended up clicking them hoping they would take me to the level select. It is also good how you porvide the game to lots of Platforms


Thanks for the review! Yeah, the front-end design is questionable, especially since I deleted a bunch of the social media links, but when I started working on this remake  (over ten years ago!) I wanted to reuse the arcade/attraction design (instead of the old Windows version). If you're not familiar with the original arcade game, I posted the old promo video here I'm glad you noted the platform support! The background for this version of the game is I worked for Hyper Entertainment for a few months on the original back in 2001 (took over for the original  lead programmer) and then in 2008 Unity added iPhone support, so I licensed the original assets from Hyper (they were really cool about it) to remake it in Unity. I figured the swiping control would be a nice emulation of the original bowling ball controller and then I could support every Unity platform! (one of my regrets is I never got a Wii U version working).

I think you did a really cool job with the game :)