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How much people are actually willing to use the client?

A topic by MidnightasGames created Jun 26, 2017 Views: 224 Replies: 4
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I'm making a game at the moment, and it's big.
The problem is getting is started, which is unlikely  without a lot of marketing.

How less likely am I going to get users with the client than directly from the browser?
I'm asking this question because I am using Itch.io authentication with the app manifest.


In my experience, only a handful of folks categorically refuse to use the client. If you make it clear on the game page that it requires the itch client, I don't think there should be an issue :)

I use the client. Its far easier than opening zip files and exes. With that said I've noticed a few games in the client that just don't work when they do work outside of the client.

Admin (Edited 1 time)

Please use the "Send Feedback" button for those, sometimes there's easy fixes we can make to the client that add support for a whole new category of games!

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I set one of my free games to paid. Someone bought it and told me my paid game was getting flagged as a virus (via Windows Defender) by the client when it had not been previously when it was free. I had him download my other game... a free game and he said it downloaded fine and was not flagged as a virus when he downloaded it.

When I logged into the itch app I had to uninstall the game and when I tried to uninstall the Windows Defender threat detected popup happened.... when I was trying to uninstall it rather than install it. So I can't uninstall it. I went to a second computer and had the same results, but on the second computer it wasn't installed via the app, so when I tried to install it via the app there was a virus threat warning.

A friend of mine tried and had the same results.

I have uploaded a new .exe hoping that would fix it, but no. Maybe its just that one game / exe, but it never had threat warnings before.

This seems like a big issue.