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Fossil Hunters

An action-adventure game about digging for fossils and building your own dinosaurs! · By Reptoid Games


A topic by SpecularDragon created Dec 21, 2020 Views: 166 Replies: 1
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I love the premise of this game, but I don't feel like the crawlers add much, they're just really annoying. the lamps are so narrow you need practically dozens of them to keep crawlers away from your fossils, and it's frustrating to have all your hard work erased so quickly by those little jerks. why do they eat fossils anyway? at least put a sort of peaceful mode option to turn them off or something if you don't want to remove them entirely.

I absolutely second this. It took me over an hour to do level 6? whichever one is the super dark one in the first strata because they kept sneaking up and eating fossils I thought were safe- sometimes even standing in what seemed like a straight line from the lamp to do so. Lamps are also extremely expensive at that stage of the game unless you've grinded extra fossils for coins.