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The Story (SPOILERS!)

A topic by SobakaPeppa created Dec 17, 2020 Views: 55 Replies: 2
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Just finished playing both games, and frankly, I didn't really understand the plot. The Vessel and Gornom are two separate creatures, or are they connected? The figure in the hat is the writer, or the manager? The writer had created Gornom by writing stories about him?


The second game creates more questions than answers, which is why the third game will do the opposite, it will answer more than create new ones. So for now, let's answer what I can.
First question: The Vessel and Gornom are two separate creatures, Gornom is not the only creature who has a story.
Second question:  The figure in the hat is neither the writer, nor the manager, nor Gornom.
Third question: Maybe... the third game may explain that. :)

Well then, thanks for answering! I'm definitely looking forward to playing the third one!