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Flame Raptors and Other Things

A topic by The_Khuzdul1 created Jun 25, 2017 Views: 138 Replies: 2
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So, first of all, the Fraptors (Flame Raptors) are AWESOME, but with their insane power and intimidation, they are far too easy to kill. Like seriously, I have a harder time killing mark 1 Jetpack bots. A buff up for them would be awesome.

Mark 2 Fraptors:  More fire from their mouth and a more powerful tail swipe. maybe they could have some of the flame sword voxels instead of the normal ones for their Teeth, Spikes and Claws? these flame Voxels would act as a sword, too. (say if you swung at it with a sword, and you hit the flame spikes, say, your sword would clash off it like it were another sword) if you walked on top of these flame voxels, your feet would catch on fire.

Explosions: you know these explosions that occur when a Fraptor, or when one of the eyes of a spidertron are destroyed? yeah, those things. why have them, if they don't knock you over? I think it would be cool if it gave the Power kick as well.

Fraptor Mount:  available from Upgradebot, and costs two Upgrade points. controls as normal. WASD to move, left to use weapon. F to use flame breath, and right click for tail swipe. if you are somehow dis-mounted from your Fraptor, you could use something like middle-mouse click button to hop back on.  the Fraptor would also have a fully maxed energy bar, which is separate from yours.

Baby Fraptors: Normal Fraptors, except that they are 1/4 the size of normal Fraptors. They are faster than the adult Fraptors, but have a much smaller flame breath range. they're tail swipe should only be able to knock you down for a second, but due to their size, it could be the last mistake you do with that drone.

Hammers and Armour: we know that Armour is coming, (from the streams about it). But I think Hammer should slowly break whenever they smash an armour plate off. Something like this: First Plate: no Damage. Second Plate: Part of hammer's normal voxels have gone. Third plate: more of hammer's normal voxels have gone. this would carry on until all the normal voxels had gone, leaving only the handle and Light voxels. your hammer would then vanish, and you would have to re-buy it from upgrade bot.

Jetpacks: if a Bot walks into the trail of flame from a jetpack boots, there should be a chance of the bot catching on fire.

That is all, thank you for reading.


I agree, I didn't find much difference between the two raptor challenges because even through there were more raptors, they would often kill each other and lower the number of raptors I killed to the easier raptor challenge

Raptor Insanity, Level 2 is perfectly set up for cheesing.all you need is to jump and move left or right, and Bobs your uncle, you only need to kill one raptor and 3 hammerbots.