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pico is a playable character

A topic by Gamingninja1 created Dec 11, 2020 Views: 4,265 Replies: 14
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How can I play as him?

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in tutorial press the 7 key and you can find a way to select him


Press 7 click Song find bf and click on it and it will show options and at the bottom is Pico and click on it then press enter. I think thats how you do it im guessing.


You can't legitimaitaly get to play as him. My best guess is to replace BF's spiresheet with Pico's.




It's impossible to play as him without a mod, sadly.


It is POSSIBLE just press 7 and select him YOU LAZYBONES


no it's not

what made you wanna comment on a super old post? I'm pretty sure he knows that by now

idk i'm just stupid as hell

update you can now

Press 7 in any battle and then select him over boyfriend.

Here- without mods- in browser- 1) Start a week. 2) Hit 7 3) Go to song 4) Select the dropdown menu that says "bf" and replace with "pico" 5) Hit enter- and you should be good to go =]