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Running Fleshcult on linux through Wine

A topic by keri created 80 days ago Views: 142 Replies: 2
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Out of curiosity (and just because I don't have windows, and the web version is gone), I tried to run Fleshcult under linux with wine, and, well, I didn't succeed. On my machine (Intel Pentium N3710 2.56 gHz, 64-bit, integrated graphics) under my linux (Arch Linux, KDE Plasma 5) all I got is a black window. The game log says one same error:

I am wondering if there's a way to fix it or I am doomed?


I haven't tried it personally but I've been hearing that people are seeing much better results under Proton and Lutris than Wine:

As for your specific error, I'd check that GPU acceleration is working. I don't know if Chromium Embedded Framework will seamlessly fall back to software rendering. Are you on X or Wayland?

Defenitely not wayland. I might as well try proton and report if it works there.