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CBR+PNK comments Sticky

A topic by Emanoel Melo created Nov 30, 2020 Views: 493 Replies: 37
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Just gorgeous.




Absolutely love the look of this. You really nailed the aesthetic.


A couple people from my normal Blades group had to cancel for our (digital) session tonight, and I'm stoked to run this as a one off for those that can make it.


That's awesome! I hope everyone have a blast!


We had an an AMAZING time!

Did a 3 hour session, so I wound up cutting to 6 obstacles because my group likes to RP a bit and I didn't want to rush them through. I have my players and some other DND players of mine excited to do this as a one shot during one of our session interludes!

Also, I need to give a shout out to all the rules being laid out on two Tri-Fold brochures, which is just lovely from a design and accessibility standpoint.

The only caveat I'll give, is that the DM should be comfortable with the Blades system, or generally with improv, to have the smoothest session possible.

This was an amazing grab, thank you so much for the game!


That is great, thank you for sharing!


this itch page is beautiful and makes me jealous lmao


 I was so impressed by yours! :)

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I love the aesthetic!  However, in keeping with the cyberpunk oeuvre, I think you need a Mirror Shades & Trench Coats (grayscale/printer-friendly) and Pink Mohawk (wild, busy, neon pink w/ blue accents) versions.  For reasons.

EDIT: Layout reminds me of Mothership.  That is an exceedingly good thing.


That's a GREAT compliment, thank you! About the colors, it's funny because I'm already working on an alternative cover image for a black/pink/blue version :) Good call!


I am deeply impressed by the streamlined design and writing. It is totally on point and has all info clear accessible. I would love to see more of this in different Genre and or more expansions to the existing pamphlets.


It means a lot, Vandel! Your Micro Blades showed me that it was possible to condense Blades. I do plan a few expansions and different genre explorations, but would love to hear more suggestions!


Currently I am revising Micro Blades & World of Blades. 

There will also be Genres of classic Fantasy, Lovecraft Horror, Space Exploration & Steampunk.

If any of those themes are fun for you, I would love to read/playtest your take on them. 

Your design has inspired me a lot, as it is a fine tuned articulation of design questions, I had yet to answer. 

Would you mind if I refer to a few of your rules? (Including attribution) They are bold at those parts, where I had not depart from the core FitD yet.


Of course not, that would be awesome! I'm very curious about this next iteration :)


Thanks! I really like your work here. 


Simply amazing! I'd never really grasped FitD games but this simple presentation helped.


What a gorgeous, efficient book!


Ran a game of this set in Neo-Miami in the 21XX.  Great fun was had by all.  The runners somehow made it past gangs, Judge Dredd-knockoffs, a spider tank, and two fratricidal AIs (I guess I was too easy on them!).  Probably the most memorable scene though, was one two of the players traded their (prospective) first born child for a limo!

I did have one question - it's not clear to me how 'nested' progress bars work? For the tank, I gave it an energy shield, so that the amount of damage it could take was limited until that bar was completed, and then I made a separate bar for the tank itself.  Not sure if that's what you meant though.


That sounds like a blast! You got the nested progress bars right, that is a good example of their use!


Loved this game for a two session campgain (or a 6 hour one shot). Played this in a homebrew setting called stupidpunk where the dystopia has occured but in the stupidest way possible


Truly an amazing little game, perfect for cyberpunk thrills.


This is such a beautiful looking game - I'm looking forward to trying it!

Just a note that there's a typo in the third paragraph in the GM Pamphlet under Setting: "The SPRAWL can be any, as long as you abuse [of] the genre elements". I think 'of' could be deleted, or maybe it's missing 'all' before 'of'.


Thanks for catching that typo! I hope you have a blast playing it, don't forget your reinforced raincoat ;D

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Amazing presentation, incredible aesthetics and a very, very solid game mechanics for all things Cyberpunk.


This looks amazing.  Can't wait to give the hardware a test drive.

Aw, I bought on DTRPG, what's the "something exclusive?" I'm not getting for buying here?


Hi there! It's how we add more community copies: "Each copy of CBR+PNK sold above the listed price provides a free community copy to this pool."
Unfortunately this text you mentioned is confusing and we can't change it.


Oh I see, well I’m excited to run the game and I’ll link my players here if they like it and want to buy a copy too!


Thank you for the support! Hope you folks have a great time blowing things up!

Super stoked to have picked this up and going to give it a try ASAP! As I'm new to fictional positioning, I was just wondering how often to call for rolls? Is it like with a typical OSR game where every attack/check is a roll, or more sparse where a scene is resolved by a single roll that the whole team is encouraged to construct together? Thanks and great job on the game! 


Hey, there! I think mostly it will be something in between your examples. You will look for risky actions with interesting consequences. As there is no rigid turn sequence, other characters can jump in to Assist. If it is a collective action, call for the Lead special action (explained in the Player's Pamphlet). Although not cyberpunk, this AP GMed by Austin Walker has some solid examples.


I like this very much, are you interested in an Italian translation?


Sure! Send me a DM, I'm @emanoelmelo on twitter (preferred), instagram and reddit :)


A 300 page rulebook boiled down to it's absolute basics with a slick-as-hell design in just two pamphlets. I'm so happy this exists.

I love this game!

One question though: It says that everyone starts out with one cyberware...But what if someone wants to play a character without any cybertech? Do they get something in exchange?

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In that case, I'd suggest for them to:
A) Pick a special vehicle, like an armored truck, hoverboard, portable bike etc. As this depends a lot on what type of mission they are running, I would let them choose whenever it is needed, like you normally would with gear.
B) Choose an unique, signature ability instead. One that would enable them to be extra cool, beyond the common skills. If it is a fighting ability, for example, think about wuxia movies. Even psyonic abilities can be fine and on theme with cyberpunk stories.

Cool! Thanks for the advice!