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Game audio support

A topic by Rugiku created Jun 23, 2017 Views: 362 Replies: 6
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Just a suggestion! It would be cool if you were able to add music to your game (could be looped in the bg or based upon different rooms you enter, customisable by dev). No problem if it's too tricky or in the far flung future, though!



Seconding this! Would love even a small little piano built-in to make short looping tracks.


This would be such a good idea!

Thanks for the feedback! I would like to add some SFX / music capabilities to Bitsy.

I was thinking of something like stuey suggests with a built-in piano. The other option would just be uploading arbitrary sound files. I'm not sure what is better, but it's something I definitely want to do. Would love to hear any more ideas you have! :)


I feel like being able to upload your own audio is a bit too open. Bitsy is great because of it's limitations, and if SFX / music features were added I feel like they should reflect that ethos. A small sequencer, one channel, 2 octaves, 3 or 4 preset "instruments", would be enough for music. 5 or so pre-made sound effects that cover some basic actions like something being opened would cover the SFX front.

makes sense to me!


Yeah. It would be fitting if  user could write a music loop in a simple editor, and associate it with a room in a similar fashion as palettes.