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Glyphs - a retro 80's puzzle

A topic by Glyphmaster created Jun 23, 2017 Views: 102
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I released Glyphs, a one stage puzzle with a Pong-like look.  It comes without instructions so figuring out what to do is part of the challenge. 

You can find it at  (Currently no support for smartphones or tablets but it may work on them)

There are hints if you're lost. 

Your score depends on how many hints you used

Solve with 3 hints  -  Patience  & persistence  detected

Solve with 2 hints  -   Good pattern recognition skills  detected     

Solve with 1 hint    -    Supreme analytical brain detected

Solve with 0 hints  -   Extra Terrestrial  intelligence detected

I'd be happy for your feedback,

Thanks, A.