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Nail the perfect line in the future's most challenging stunt sport! · By Milkbag Games


A topic by Toma created Nov 24, 2020 Views: 401 Replies: 2
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Really fun highscore platforming game, in which you "grind" rails, perform tricks to raise your highscore and fulfill several challenges. The campaign is very entertaining 5 hours-ish to get through all the levels and there is an endless hole of perfectionistic platforming goodness waiting for you if you want to really dig down the highscores. Good presentation, perfect level of difficulty, tight controls and addictive gameplay loop. The first few levels start a bit simple and seemingly pointless, but they quickly introdoce more aspects of the game and the devs did actually a good job easing everybody into its mechanics. Very good stuff, definitely a hidden gem. 4/5

More Racial Justice Bundle impressions:

Thank you for continuing to make these reviews. Really appreciate your little blurbs about each game, found a bunch of gems among the rough stuff because of them.

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Glad that the impressions help discovering some of the really good Indies :) I am actually really looking forward to diving back into a few of them after I am done.