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Skinn Pro

Skin & Blend-shape Projection + More · By cwmanley

Contacting Dev

A topic by digital.reincarnation created Nov 24, 2020 Views: 88 Replies: 1
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Hey there mate.  
Loving Skinn Pro (bought through  I am going to be doing up a tutorial on using it with Synty Models.  I have added some Functions to my Custom Made Utilities  that taps into skinn Pro (just lets you reiterate the commands through a list of objects - None of your code is in my tool).  But to make them work right with Synty Models, some Code tweaks are needed (Just changing some Hard coded Float Values).  I have no intention of releasing any of your code.  The Plan is to say "Open File X.  Goto Line Y.  Change Value Z to ...."

I just wanted to make sure your ok with me doing this.  Happy to show you my tool I made as well.   Happy to link you to my discord if you want to chat.

Best Regards,

Hi, Thanks

That sounds great.  I would love to check out your tool and work with you with whatever changes you need to make the integration painless. You can email me at