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[Devlogs] -DigitalNinja デジタル忍者- [Updated: 11.21.2020]

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So, This is the new devlogs page. Sense the storyline being reworked, I decided to clear this page by just deleting it and creating a new one.

Storyline: -Almost done-

Game: -This is the old game. The new game is coming soon.-


Game screen shot of the day:

Dialogue system work in progress + made some more peps.

Dialog systems done.


Finished grappling hook.


Video of it coming out today.

Trailer coming out soon! It will actually show some key elements of the new storyline that you need to know before playing the game.

So you already have Digital Ninja in 2D. And this time is for 3D version? 2D game looks good). So you create new game? Or replace old one? 

This one is mainly just replacing the old one because of the new storyline and new content coming with it. As it grows, the old 2d DigitalNinja will continue to fade out.


Grappling sword

Game logo?

Devlog Live! First episode! Development of DigitalNinja is live! Watch it now: | My computer is not all that powerful, so we will see how this turns out.

Stream ended

Post was to long, so here you go: