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Please report issues here! Sticky

A topic by Tanuki-sama Studios created Nov 05, 2020 Views: 142 Replies: 4
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Developer (5 edits)

Hi all! Please report any issues you find here with the chapter.


  • None

RESOLVED ISSUES for v1.2 (or before):

  • Intro Video does not play - After Nina and Dylan get into the car at the start of the story, the game freezes, and you can get it moving again by pressing <esc>. This is because on some systems, the intro movie does not play correctly, and <esc> skips it. We've only had one person with this issue so far and haven't been able to figure out the cause (it works fine for everyone else), so if you see this problem, please let us know your hardware configuration and OS version. RESOLVED IN LATEST VERSION, please redownload if you get this.
  • Evidence browser is not correct - Builds between the hotfix late on the launch night and today's update (v1.1) had the wrong evidence browser screen. This has now been fixed for v1.1; approximately half of all NALE users have the older build, so please download the newest one as soon as possible.
  • The Rostro Racers do not have their suit facepaint on the race HUD head images
  • If you leave the crime scene too early, it's possible to reach a deadstate. This will be fixed in an upcoming version. If this happens to you, please reload your save, and don't leave the crime scene until it's clear there is nothing else to investigate (the game will make this clear).

I was able to leave the crime scene when investigating the broken car found by the victim before I was supposed to, and when I attempted to return it soft-locked me on a black screen.

Developer (1 edit)

thanks! By any chance, did you try this a second time? Did the same thing happen?

EDIT: I just double-checked it, and it seems to work okay from a scripting perspective, which suggests this might be a more complex problem - but, hopefully, one which might only affect you if you went through the events leading up to it in a very specific way.

Anyway; please let me know if you were able to progress. If it's one of those "can happen every so often" issues, that's a different scenario to if it happens all the time for you.

My game reached a black screen after investigating the crime scene and i tried to reload my save file but the screen is still black. I bought my game after the update. 


Oh that's terrible :( We'll see what we can do to fix it.

How would you feel about joining the discord? The URL's here:

If we could talk to you, we might be able to work out what's causing the problem.