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Retro-style 2D massive multiplayer online role playing game. · By Bruno


A topic by DryDuck created 38 days ago Views: 40 Replies: 1
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Hello this is my personal opinion if you are a hunter and you have another suggestion please leave it to me since I play wizard .

What I will recommend are directly skills if you leave me suggestions I will think of other things :).

•Rain of arrows - in a 3x3, 4X4 AND 5x5 space depending on the skill level you are going to drop arrows around the hunter or a specific target (if he does not have any monster or Selected player the arrows will fall on top of him) Causing a low but constant damage since this rain will last for 3/4/5 depending on level dealing 50/75/130 damage per second.(costing 250/350/500 mana)

•Armor Penetration: Knock out your opponent and take 50% / 70%/95% / more "physical" damage (this includes Furious damage as well)For 30 seconds and costing 300/400/550 mana.

•Blindness - your enemy's damage will deal 0% physical and magic damage to you for 3/5/8 seconds Consequently your speed is reduced by 10% at all levels of the skill. (mana cost 100/150/230 mana)

 And last but not least increase the base attack, it is very little taking away the improvements made with the blacksmith.

Thanks for reading this review :) 👍😉

As for me a very cool idea :)