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Retro-style 2D massive multiplayer online role playing game. · By Bruno

Potions and different cooldowns

A topic by DryDuck created 38 days ago Views: 27
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Well the potions themselves are fine, they should just place a mana potion that heals a little more

-As well as potions that heal mana and health exclusively for hunters.

-As well as some mana potions that heal between 450- and 600 mana exclusively for magicians.

-Place the lvl 100 life potions exclusive to warrior and furious.

Now let's talk about the different cooldown they should have the potions Why has more than one of them happened that they are at a critical moment and that you do not know If heal you life or mana, why are both things lowering you and in the end you die.

So I think they should put different cooldowns for potions and food For a better experience :).